Workplace Benefits Insurance

Let’s Talk Workplace Benefits Insurance

Workplace benefit packages are often extended to employees, (or as motivation to those who are being invited to join a company), and are designed to give a sense of assurance that should something occur that, for instance, might put a person in a position in which he or she is unable to earn income, they will be protected financially. The range of benefits include coverage such as long-term care and disability protection, accident and critical illness and even universal life insurance coverage. All of this and more can be provided with an employer’s work benefits plan.

Coverage Choices:

Long Term Care Insurance
Long term care coverage is an aspect of these plans frequently offered by companies as a benefit of employment. This type of insurance provides care for people with severe illness, disabilities, or other conditions and who one will need assistance on a daily basis for an extended period of time.

Disability Insurance
Disability coverage is engineered for employees who, due to an injury or sickness, are no longer able to perform their normal job duties. Disability protection can provide coverage that compensates a substantial part of a worker’s normal pay until resumption of normal employment duties.

Accident Insurance
Accidents, by their very definition, can happen any time. This is why some employers provide accident insurance as a part of a work benefit plans. This type of coverage can even protect a policyholder’s family members as well.

Critical Illness Insurance
Critical illness insurance extends a wide range of coverage for those stricken with illnesses that are chronic and severe, such as heart disease, AIDS, or cancer. Critical illness insurance is normally paid out in a lump sum upon approval of a claim.

Universal Life Insurance
Universal life insurance is a type of life insurance that can help a policyholder’s family and and/or other beneficiaries after death. Most employer packages include some type of life insurance coverage. An unusual aspect of the Universal life policy is the freedom to invest returns into stocks and other potentially lucrative investments. This means higher payouts may result as the invested portion potentially increases in its value.


All the benefits described are often part of the package for the employee. Should the he or she have a family, these benefits can be really helpful in keeping a household finances in order during hard times.