Landlord Insurance

Let’s Talk Landlord Insurance

Rental property ownership is a terrific way for some to earn money. Keep in mind, however, that owning rental property can mean a myriad of management headaches. Obtaining the proper insurance protection for your rental property is therefore an important piece of that puzzle. Many fledgling landlords may try to save money by lowering their insurance coverage. It is important to know that this can actually end up costing more as time goes on.

What Is This Coverage?

Good landlord insurance is a kind of financial protection that offers compensation to the landlord when tenants damage the property. In most instances, the property owner will be responsible for such damage. If you own more than one property, all these risks can add up and become quite expensive. There are many landlords who acquire this important coverage to therefore protect themselves.

Who Benefits?

Landlord coverage is for anyone who owns rental property. Although renting out one’s property can end up being financially rewarding, it is important to safeguard yourself so as to not lose massive amounts of money in one fell swoop. Many landlords will avoid obtaining this important coverage only to end up feeling great regret.

How It Operates

Landlord insurance is similar to other insurance coverage types in that the policyholder is required to pay a monthly premium and responsible for any deductible prior to the coverage being put into effect after a claim is made. All this determines the total annual policy expense for the landlord. Claims may be filed to receive payment so as to fully repair any structural damage or to replace damaged items like appliances and plumbing or electrical and detached structures such as garages or sheds. The landlord’s personal belongings that are also shared with tenants are also covered.
Landlord insurance also can provide financial protection against such perils as an accidentally set fire or even one due to arson. This protection can be used to rebuild a property that has, for instance, completely burned down or is simply in need of repair for damaged parts of the structure.

Big Benefits

Buying quality insurance can be hugely less costly than paying for major repairs out-of-pocket for your rental property. This type of coverage can also compensate for property damage as a result of weather-related events such as severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and snowstorms. With this policy, vandalism and other purposeful acts of destruction can also be covered under good landlord insurance plans.