By Team Member | June 3, 2020

Why you need water back up coverage.

Hi, it’s Matt Boudreau from the Matt Boudreau Agency. I just want to put together a quick video explaining the most frequent claim that’s not automatically covered by your homeowners policy. Number one claim is no doubt, wind and hail, which happens frequent. Storms, hail damage, this is prevalent.
However, the most problematic claim that’s not automatically covered is going to be no doubt, water backup. This is not automatically covered by your standard homeowners policy. The policy would need to be endorsed with that water backup coverage. And what this does, it’s not just burst pipes, burst pipes is automatically covered. However, this is actually water backup, where it comes up by a pressurized sewer line or septic line through the house, toilets, condensate lines, tubs, sinks, et cetera. It’s a huge mess, causes tons of damage, and it’s way more expensive to fix these claims than one would think. So again, the policy needs to be endorsed for this water backup coverage.
There’s also two types of the coverage that’s important. One only covers the actual structure, but what you really need to have is structure and contents coverage. Some policies only give $10,000 limit. 50,000 or more, even up through the whole dwelling limit, is very reasonable to buy and definitely adequate coverage to deal with these types of claims. Any other questions, please always feel free to give us a shout at (410) 257-6766. Remember, this is not automatic coverage. Please look at your policy to be sure you have it. Talk soon.

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