Not JUST a Food Bank: Helping Those in Need

The country at large is experiencing a poverty crisis that affects over 13% of the national population. This amounts to more than 38 million people who are oftentimes unable to afford food and other basic necessities in their everyday lives. Alarmingly, the number of individuals that are experiencing this crisis firsthand in Anne Arundel County is 16% of the population. For almost 35 years, the Anne Arundel County Food Bank has made it their mission to not only fight hunger by providing food to those in need throughout their community but also by providing other essentials as well.

To effect as much aid as possible, the AA County Food Bank has implemented several programs such as their Pantry Distribution Program, On-Site Feeding Program, Baby Pantry, Senior Pantries, Professional Medical Equipment, Pet Pantry, BackPack Buddies, Holidays Assistance, Pop-Up Produce Pantries, and Pop-Up Essential Pantry.  In 2019, they were able to disperse nearly $4 million dollars worth of food, clothing, and other items, including over 2.6 million pounds to neighboring soup kitchens, shelters, and more.

Our agency has been moved by these numbers to help the Anne Arundel County Food Bank fight hunger by offering to donate $10 in your name for every referral you send our way for a no-obligation quote. Yes, we do mean that for every. single. referral. we will send an additional $10 donation to the AA County Food Bank to assist them in continuing to be a positive and helpful force in their community. 


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